Sticks + bones

Collective Creation
by Mika Laulainen & Nico Dicecco

REGINA Fringe & Winnipeg FRINGE Festivals
Produced by star star theatre | SUMMER 2017

When a deal with the Devil is doggone rough!

Sticks + Bones tells the story of a mountaineer in the Pacific Northwest who, after falling from a great height, finds herself at a crossroads in a dusty, arid land far from where she fell. As she fends off the perils of this strange place, she discovers that she must make a deal with a stranger at the crossroads if she ever wants to leave.

Blending puppetry, storytelling, and live blues guitar, this multidisciplinary two-hander draws on worldwide mythologies to explore an uncanny world in the landscape between life and death.

I’ve found it! That hidden gem, with no buzz, that brings you joy as you stumble upon it and remember why taking a chance is a good thing. This was everything you want in a Fringe play. It was magical and mysterious, telling the tale of a girl mountaineer, lost in the wilds of BC and forced to make a deal with the devil. Puppetry was used to tell the tale and was masterful and playful. […] If you want to be assured of a seat and see something amazing, this is it!
— Lisa Campbell, Jenny Revue
It’s moody and atmospheric with some rather lovely blues and a guitar in the air — a place with a story told through nicely realized puppets.
— Winnipeg Free Press

Created & Performed by Mika Laulainen & Nico Dicecco
Poster Artwork by Bronwyn Schuster

Development Residency at the Lookout Arts Quarry (Jan-Feb 2017)