Precious Little 2018

Precious little

by Madeleine George


A crisp, fast-moving, tough-minded but often comic play about love, language, memory, culture and commitment. Brodie, a gifted linguist, learns unsettling news about the baby she carries. Unable to get comfort from her girlfriend, she finds it in the two least likely sources imaginable: the elderly speaker of a vanishing language…and a gorilla at the zoo. Madeleine George’s irreverent and charming new play reveals the beauty and the limits of human language.

Laulainen creates some beautiful stage pictures, supported by Jared Raschke’s set and lighting and Zoë Wessler’s wistful music. Recommended.
— Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight
With direction from Mika Laulainen, the three performers seamlessly transform into ten different characters. Their performances are strong and they make this task seem easy.
— Katie Gartlan-Close, Vancouver Presents - Precious Little is an acting marathon
Director Mika Laulainen’s clear vision has done a great service to Madeleine George’s intelligent script. As I said, it’s not perfect, but there are enough perfect moments to make it unmissable.
— Lillian Jasper, Two Cents & Two Pence

Read a preview from SAD Mag of our production here.

It is a harmonious hybrid of natural and institutionalized spaces, and the entirely female intergenerational cast embodying unexpected roles challenges the conventional characters that are created for women in theatre. This is a work that navigates the abstract ways in which we place meaning in language and the ways in which we genuinely communicate. Prepare for a beautifully complex and thoughtful 90 minute whirlwind.
— Ella Adkins, SAD Mag

Directed by Mika Laulainen
Stage Managed by Nico Dicecco
Scenography by Jared Raschke
Costume Design by Michelle Bowes
Sound Design by Zoë Wessler

Performed by Sara Andrina Brown, Thérèse Champagne, & Elizabeth Holliday

Nominated for the Jessie Richardson Awards in Small Theatre 2018-2019
— Best Supporting Actress (Thérèse Champagne)