Sticks Stones Baby Dragon - Feb 2016.jpg

Sticks & STones

Collective Creation
based on an original concept by Kendra Fanconi

part of the year of forest
Produced by The Only Animal | february 2016

a devised forest puppet show on the Sunshine Coast

Sticks & Stones is a part of a year of art in, around, and in support of the expanded Mt Elphinstone Provincial Park. The Only Animal makes art with a deep relationship to place. A trail walk will reveal the secret strange creatures of the undergrowth, some tender and green, some ancient and craggy. Puppets made from stick, leaf and moss will show you the forest anew.

Conceived & Directed by Kendra Fanconi
Creation, Puppet Design, & Puppetry by Katherine Binns, Robert Leveroos, & Mika Laulainen
Soundscape by Nancy Tam