Somebody loves you, mr hatch

Adapted by Chris Macgregor
Based on the book by Eileen Spinelli

Gateway Theatre & The Kay Meek Centre
Produced by axis theatre co | MAY 2016

Mr. Hatch is completely alone, or so he thinks. Mr. Hatch leads a colourless, ordered life, until one Valentine’s Day, he receives a candy-filled heart with the note somebody loves you. Mr. Hatch’s world is turned upside down and he begins to make friends and enjoy all sorts of nice foods and the fun parts of life that he once ignored. This heartwarming puppet play examines the effect that kindness can have on a dreary existence.

As a puppeteer in this show, I was involved in its development from the first workshop. The show is a mix of hand and rod, object puppetry, and light mask and character work. It’s highly physical and truly speaks to audiences of all ages.

To sit in an audience of children and be able to hear a pin drop is a testament to the stellar piece of TYA theatre Axis has created. I have to say; the adults were enjoying the production as much as the youth.
— Adult Audience Member
I had so many ‘good feeling’ moments as I looked around at our children and how engaged and engrossed they were during the performance.
— Dundarave Preschool Teacher

Adapted & Directed by Chris McGregor
Puppetry by Jeny Cassidy, Mika Laulainen, & Sarah May Redmond

2016-2017 Jessie Awards
Nominated - Outstanding Production
Nominated - Outstanding Performance - Jeny Cassady, Mika Laulainen, & Sarah May Redmond

Development & Workshop Production at UBC in 2014.